We began to look for a breed that would do well in this climate, and tolerate the heat, humidity. Having tried other "hair breeds" it became obvious that the superior animal from weight gain, to heat and stress tolerance, temperament, mothering, parasite control and marketability is the Dorper and White Dorper. We migrated completely to Dorpers 12 years ago, when these animals were fairly new to the United States and never looked back.

Shelby Acres is both an Animal Welfare Approved Farm, a Silver member of Georgia Grown, and is an Export Category livestock farm of the USDA. The Farm is inspected annually by AWA and all sheep and goats receive a health review annually by the USDA. Our sheep are raised in as natural an environment, and are not lot fed for size. These sheep have muscle and bone mass as a result of deliberate genetic crossing, to provide the purchaser with the best possible growth of lambs and offspring naturally.

Shelby Acres

About Shelby Acres

Located in Southwest Georgia, Shelby Acres is located approximately 50 minutes from Florida. We have been raising sheep for approximately 30 years and has specialized for the past 12 years in raising both Dorper and White Dorper Sheep.

Our journey toward the Dorper Breed began 17 years ago when we relocated to Georgia. Originating from Rhode Island where the prevailing breeds raised were wool/meat breeds such as Hampshires, Southdowns & Suffolk, it was obvious that these breeds would not do well in the warm humid climate of the Southeast.