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Shelby Acres is both an Animal Welfare Approved Farm, a Silver member of Georgia Grown, and is an Export Category livestock farm of the USDA. The Farm is inspected annually by AWA and all sheep and goats receive a health review annually by the USDA.
Breeding Program
Our sheep are raised in as natural an environment as possible on 150 acres. These sheep have muscle and bone mass as a result of deliberate genetic crossing, to provide the purchaser with the best possible growth of lambs and offspring naturally. While our foundation is a registered herd, our intention is to produce fast growing lambs that thrive naturally without growth hormones and supplements. They therefore can grow and sustain themselves on natural forage and the ewes produce lambs with like characteristics. Only animals that meet the breed standards are sold for production and are registered.

Non-Breeding Animals
Shelby Acres offers lamb for consumption seasonally. Lambs both ewe lambs and ram lambs which do not meet the breed standards are culled from the flocks. These lambs are selected by the buyer for purchase, weighed and processed at a local USDA and Animal Welfare facility.